When I was approached to participate in the 6 Seasons and a Movie art show, I felt super honoured (super  is the technical term for it, yes). From the likes of Claire Hummel to Polly Guo and Sam Spratt, these people have been kicking ass for longer than I've been sitting on mine. And it was going to happen in LA! I've never even been anywhere but Europe. So it was a definite yes.

I hadn't actually watched NBC's Community before, so that set me back a bit - fortunately, I turned out to like it. At first I was going for the usual "turn ensemble cast into something nerdy" approach (it's so much fun!), but then this happened and I just went with it. You can always count me in to make something unfunny.

Anyway, of course this is enough to convince anyone to go and see it next month - have the address:

Six Seasons and a Movie art show

June 23-24 | Monk Space gallery
4414 West 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90004


  1. Wow. I haven't watched many episodes of Community (about 1.5 actually, the first being the Paintball episode), but I did enjoy what I saw and I need to catch up. Brilliant piece. :)

  2. I LOVE Community. And this is a wonderful piece :)

  3. Ricardo! This piece is excellent! Can't wait to see yours and all the rest of the pieces at the show!

  4. Uau! Que nice, eu gosto muito do Community e o Abed está igual :P