Ever After - The pond near the linden tree

The pond near the linden tree

People from the village had only heard of the Swan Prince.

This one was fun! Definitely one of my favourites. I have a thing for swans, in case you couldn't tell from the cover. This one was one of the last ones, and at this point I was really feeling like the illustrations were becoming... more narrative, maybe? They just feel better than the initial ones. I guess that's what you call evolution.

Sketch and alternative composition below!



  1. this is both bold and graceful. One of the rare times i've seen a successful combination of the two!

  2. amazing. i can't stop looking at it. i want to know, and see, more about them.

  3. Ricardo, you are so ridiculously talented. This is the artwork i first saw that made me wanna find out more about your work. Stunning just leave4s me speechless. What is the story behind it. This is not your typical Swan Prince story. Is this your interpretation or this was a particular story under the same name?




    Thank you, Leonid! This image is part of a bigger project, Ever After, which is an illustration book about love. This is one of twelve stories (or half-stories, as I call them) - all of them are imagined by me. Of course, in this one it's fair to say that I was inspired by the likes of Swan Lake and Tarzan.

    I'm glad you liked it - you've got amazing work yourself.


  5. Hey Ricardo,

    I just wonder where you got the idea from for this piece of work. In fact, there is something I would like to show you, and I am sure you will find it very interesting. I will inform you shortly :)


  6. Amazing work! I loved your ideas and your art. Any hints on the illustration book? I'd love to know if it went on sell. I'm curious about the stories as well! ;D

  7. This is amazing. nice job!

  8. Gah. *nosebleed* This image stopped me in my tracks. The implication of the story before and of what's to come is amplified by the bold composition and elegant lighting. Magical.

  9. One of the most amazing images I have never seen, not kidding! I love the feral energy in the prince and how he relates to the swans, and how he is so different from the human. I wish I knew this full story.